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Hello Everybody, and welcome to Music Together®  with Treble Time Music Studio!

About the program:  First offered in 1987, Music Together®'s goal is to help all children discover and bring out their innate musicality.  We believe that all children are musical. We bring this out by creating a family and community based environment where children learn from their grownups and friends how to make music in a fun, inspiring, and even silly way. (Because, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. What's the fun in that?) 

The Purpose:

Music Together®'s purpose is to enrich childhood life, by fostering lifelong community and family connections.We do this by creating fun musically rich experiences that foster meaningful human connection through music. 

The Mission:

Music Together®'s mission is to make the world a better place by making it more musical .

The Vision:

Music Together®'s vision is to bring the highest quality music and movement experiences to children everywhere- and involve the adults who love them in the magical process of development that only music can provide.

The Belief:

Music Together®'s belief is that music is a universal language and should be easy and accessible to everyone. 

*Now offering Music Together® babies only classes!(For Babies 0-7 months and their caregivers.)  Click here to learn more about the class, as well as find a babies only class near you. *










Tuition information for Spring  2020 (11 weeks): 3/29/20- 6/26/20

$325 New Families

$315 Returning Famlies

$200 Siblings

*No classes 4/12/20 due to Easter Sunday*

*No classes 5/22/20 -5/25/20 due to Memorial Day weekend*

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