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Music Together® In School

Programs for Early Learning Settings Serving Children Birth-Kindergarten

Music Together in School

Music Together in School

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Offering quality early childhood music education since 1987!

Since 1987, we’ve been supporting infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in discovering their inner music-makers—and helping educators leverage
the inherent potential of music to enhance learning. Our research-based curriculum is easily integrated into any early learning setting, and its unique components work together to raise the overall quality of a child’s education.

As music naturally becomes a seamless part of classroom life, students discover their innate musicality, and teachers learn new ways to use music to enhance the classroom environment, reach curricular goals, and support family engagement.

Music Together has touched the lives of millions of children, parents, caregivers, and teachers over the past three decades. A pioneer in early childhood music education, our developmentally appropriate, play-based approach to teaching music is now taught in thousands of classrooms and clinical settings worldwide.

When Music Together is a part of your early learning community, music isn’t just fun—it’s a powerful learning tool, too!


Why should Music Together be offered in your school?

High-quality early care and education programs require and seek alignment among principal educational ideas, standards, philosophies, and curricula. Offered in a variety of early learning settings, including preschool and kindergarten classrooms, Music Together® is
an adaptable music and movement curriculum which incorporates and supports various prominent approaches within the early childhood education arena.

Music Together is a music and movement curriculum dedicated to nurturing every child’s innate musicality. While making music is a joyful activity valuable for its own sake, it also offers benefits that can be especially welcome in an early learning setting. Children in Music Together have shown gains in cognitive, physical, language, social, and emotional development, reinforcing that Music Learning Supports All Learning.® Music Together also supports family engagement and classroom teacher professional development. Versatile and rooted in developmentally appropriate practice, the Music Together curriculum is particularly well suited to a variety of early childhood programs and curricula.

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