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Rhythm Kids

Drumming and music classes offered online, and indoors for Children ages 4-8. 

Join us this Fall for the Hippo collection!

Your child will have a great time drumming, singing, moving to new rhythms and engaging in and exploring other instruments, unique music activities, and music games especially designed for older children. This semester, we'll explore the Hippo Rhythm with drumming patterns based on rhythms used in Gahu, the popular, recreational dance of the Ewe people of Ghana. We'll learn 20 songs, including “Gahu Ee” a call-and-response song from the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin in Western Africa and the traditional Andean folksong, “La vicuñita,” often heard in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. The "Hip Hop Hippo" rap will let children break out their hip-hop dance moves!

Kids music class


Rhythm Kids

 Semester Dates:
*No classes 11/28/24-12/01/24- Fall semester break

First Child
$405.00- 9 weeks 
 Additional Sibiling
*Djembe drum included in tuition

*Registration and Cancellation policy- no refunds, enrollment credit only*

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