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Rhythm Kids

Drumming and music classes offered online, and indoors for Children ages 4-8. 

Join us this Spring for the Jaguar collection!

The Jaguar Rhythm is based on drumming patterns typically played in Bomba music from Puerto Rico, an interplay where the drummer attempts to follow the dancer's movements. We'll explore the interaction between drumming and movement ourselves with the song "Bailen niños." We'll sing, dance, and drum along to the lively patterns of "Ayiko, Ayiko," a welcome song from Southern Ghana. And with "Ala Dal’ona," we'll sing, move, and explore the unique 6-beat phrase of this Lebanese folk song. Best of all, we'll get to experience the joys of being a "Jaguar in the Jungle"! All 20 selections in this collection have been chosen and arranged specifically to support each student's music development.           

Kids music class


Rhythm Kids

Semester Dates:

*No classes 5/21/24-5/27/24 (Memorial Day Week)

First Child
$387.00- 9 weeks 
 Additional Sibiling
$174.50- 9 weeks

*Registration and Cancellation policy- no refunds, enrollment credit only*

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